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Renovitek is a company dedicated to finding, promoting and distributing safe and sustainably manufactured products that make existing equipment operate more efficiently, reduce operating costs, add value and contribute to a cleaner, less wasteful and healthier environment.

One area where we have found such a product is that of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems become less efficient over time as oil fouling occurs. Oil fouling is caused by leakage of compressor lubricating oil into the recirculating refrigerant that enables an air conditioning or refrigeration system to function.

Research has shown that oil fouling will reduce the efficiency of a cooling system by an average of 7% the first year it is used, another 5% the second year and 2% each consecutive year. After 10 years even a well-maintained system will be approximately 26% less efficient than when it was new, which means it is costing 26% more to run - and that's not taking into account how much the price of electricity has risen over those ten years!

It's also an accepted fact that energy prices will continue to rise for the forseeable future, so the cost of inefficiency will take a bigger and bigger chunk out of you budget.

Now there is a product that will prevent the senseless waste of your cooling budget, will extend the life of your air conditioning or refrigeration system and ensure that you are conforming to your enterprise's Sustainability and Green Initiatives.

The product we have found is called Cold-Plus ™, and Renovitek is your authorized distributor.

Please click the Cold-Plus™ link on the left to find out more about this amazing product, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you'll join us in our efforts contributing to a cleaner, more efficient, less costly and healthier tomorrow for everyone.


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